Our Values


The Turing community is a welcoming place with a pleasant, professional and positive atmosphere that promotes the sharing of knowledge, help, and advice; as well as serving as a platform for socialising, networking and career growth.

We believe in treating all of our members like senior professionals, giving them the space to use the community at their discretion, providing the code of conduct is adhered to.

We encourage the creation of content and nurture participation.

We listen to our members and strive to take their ideas, opinions and feedback on board in order to improve the community and service we provide. 

Community Guidelines 

Last updated: April 27, 2022


These Community Guidelines are applied to everyone using the Turing website, including the forum, or attending any Turing events or participating in any Turing activities, and offers a framework that will help you collaborate in the best way and make the most out of it. Help us build a safe community that encourages collaboration, sharing ideas, and providing support in line with mutual respect for everyone.

Any violation of these Community Guidelines will be thoroughly investigated and may result in removal of your content, prevention of contributing further content, or temporary or permanent suspension from the community.

Help us build a welcoming community for everyone irrespective of their expertise, identity, and ethnicity! 

If you see that a user has violated these Community Guidelines, please let us know immediately by emailing support@turing.com. All determinations as to violation of these Community Guidelines are within our sole and absolute discretion. 

It is not possible to address every possible type of prohibited activity in these Community Guidelines, so please use common sense and use them as a general guide for all of your activity on  the Turing website and at Turing events or activities. Thanks for doing your part!




Be respectful - Always be kind and respectful towards community members. Do not post anything offensive, abusive and avoid name-calling in all situations. We have a no tolerance policy for bullying and harassment towards other members of the community or staff, whether that be during an event, through email or on the forum. If another user does not want to communicate with you, or blocks you, do not try to communicate with that person, including from another Turing account. We do not allow encouragement, inducement, or glorification of self-harm or self-injury, such as suicide, eating disorders, or self-inflicted physical harm.

Be welcoming- We have developers from diverse backgrounds and experience levels. Some might have the same expertise as you and some might have just got started off. We encourage you to be welcoming to all members equally.

Avoid off-topic discussions - Always stay on the topic, and try to get the work done productively. Use clear language, a friendly tone and participate in discussions in line with the purpose of community. Whenever you see a harmful comment, report it to us by flagging it or contacting us. 

No Violence or hate speech – It is normal to disagree with someone’s opinions. We understand this, but remember to keep it civil and respectful. Any kind of violent comments, jokes, personal attacks, bullying, questions or gestures that are derogatory or offensive to an individual or group is strictly prohibited. 

No spamming - Avoid posting any kind of irrelevant content/ads, links to spammy websites, or other spam-looking content. Likewise, do not promote your products, articles, or events having no link with the Turing community. Any external advertising is not permitted, including buying and selling, referral links and promotion of private retailers. Content suspected as spam will immediately be removed, and members found guilty of spamming may receive a warning or suspension.

Avoid impersonation - Avoid impersonating any member by any means. Be it using a similar username, avatar or posting/commenting under any member’s email address, etc. We cannot tolerate any false information being distributed about yourself or other people, and this includes falsifying your own identity or creating a false presence or organization. This kind of impersonation is strictly prohibited and would be counted as a harassment activity. 

Disclosure of sensitive information - No community member is allowed to disclose confidential information such as client info, client projects, test questions/solutions. Any such attempt can lead to a direct expulsion from the community. We respect the privacy of all community members and do not allow the public circulation of sensitive details such as home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or bank account details. You are free to share this information with other community members in private at your own discretion and at your sole risk.

No political discussion - Participation in political talks or “bad mouthing” any political party’s projects is strictly prohibited.

Use of correct channels - Remember to use the correct channels for your queries. For example, direct your learning queries and discussion to learning channels and support queries to Turing’s support channels.

No discrimination - Any kind of member discrimination based on color, race, religion, sex, identity, ethnicity, body size, age, disability, or LGBTQ+ group is strictly prohibited. 

No copyright misuse - You are not permitted to post any content that infringes the rights of any third party, use of copyright or trademarks, legal matters or litigation within the group.

No illegal or dangerous activities – We prohibit engaging in or promoting any illegal activities – such as acts of physical harm, human exploitation or trafficking, sale or transfer of illegal goods, contraband, controlled substances, and counterfeit goods. We prohibit any depiction of illegal activities and information or instructions about how to engage in illegal activities. We do not allow content that promotes or encourages dangerous acts or behavior.

No sexually explicit material - We do not allow sexual exploitation, pornographic content, content relating to non-consensual sexual acts, or child sexual exploitation of any kind.


What happens if someone violates the Community Guidelines? 

Moderators would thoroughly investigate each guideline violation and inappropriate behavior or content. Then, depending on the gravity of the situation, we will tailor our responses to meet the best need of the case. 

Actions we may take in response to a violation include but are not limited to:

We hope you will adhere to our Community Guidelines and help us make it a safe space for everyone to express, learn, share and grow.

In the event of disputes, or clarification on any of the Community Guidelines, the Turing management team has the final say. We will not discuss details of our moderation decisions on the public forum or in live video events. If you wish to escalate any discussion or dispute you may have with a member of our team, please email support@turing.com.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to amend, change, modify, revise or replace these Community Guidelines at any time by posting revised Community Guidelines. You are encouraged to review them on a regular basis.