ESL Session 15: Navigating Cross-Cultural Differences in the Workplace

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Mon, Apr 11, 2022, 6:30 PM (GMT-3)

About this event

By attending this session, you will better understand American workplace culture and how it is different from yours. You will be able to identify areas of American workplace culture and expectations that confused and caught you off guard in the past so that you can be ready to respond differently in the future. And finally, you will be able to comfortably express to coworkers your confusion should you feel there is a cross cultural issue arising at work.

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About our ESL program:

Level up with your English language skills at Turing ! As a software developer, it’s critical that your communication skills are impeccable, and our ESL program will set you up for success. At Turing, we are here to support you 100% and by participating in these sessions, you will become confident with your English language skills. At our interactive ESL sessions, we'll guide you through the many aspects of English that you will need to succeed in Silicon Valley. Join us and bring your energy, enthusiasm, and questions, and let's build together! 



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